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Doctor App

Team Navtark wanted to showcase a handful of the Healthcare application projects that our team has worked on over the last couple of years. This is one such example, we also provide several other technological Stack.

Client Requirement

The client wanted a doctor’s consultation application that works on both Android and IOS platforms and makes it super easy for patients to book video/audio appointments with doctors worldwide right from the comfort of their homes. Doctors can register themselves in this portal to talk to their patients through phone/video and attend to their needs within a few minutes.The goal of the client was to connect patients and doctors over digital channels so that patients don’t have to step outside their homes for consultations or queue up outside clinics. The client wanted an application that was super easy to interact with and have doctor and patient dashboards along with an admin panel offering the best usage of APIs.

Solutions Offered

Navtark manufactured the application in such a way that was ready to deliver an end-to-end development successful plan and implementation. Moreover, there was no pre-built theme to work on. So, we started custom-coding solutions from the ground up that offers doctors’ profile, patient-doctor dashboard, and many more…

Zoom Integration for Patient-Doctor Interaction

The client required a portal that is capable of not only launching audio and video interactions but also could able to manage the interaction between patients and doctors with each other through live discussions. Therefore, we made all customized amendments and extensions to manufacture the application that is suitable for all platforms.

Quality Admin Portal Management

The solutions offered fully fledged admin support and handling to trace the usability and application control. Moreover, the software we manufactured is fully under the control of the admin so the client could deal with the engagements and patient-doctor impressions. We embedded the software solutions with features like:

  1. Create and manage customers
  2. Manage requests
  3. Generate invoices
  4. Manage website content and banners
  5. Manage promotions
  6. Manage notifications
  7. Manage inquiries etc.
Laravel Customised Web Application Development

Based on the client requirements we create a brand new, attractive design and provided all the required functionality that makes your website looks attractive for customers and reduces your load for customer traffic. And also provides the patients to use both websites and applications whatever there are comfortable with.

Usage of Flutter to save cost and money

Flutter ensures the proper working of cross-platform requirements, that is, single technology for both Android and iOS. This framework reduces time, energy, and cost for both the developers and our ultimate client. Hence, it turned out to be easier and more profitable for the client to create a healthcare web application using Flutter cross-platform technology for his business.

Business-Quality APIs and Third-Party Integrations

The client asked for the quality and best integrated third-party effects and APIs. Team Navtark helped them in getting so by building and integrating all kinds of APIs like: Open APIs, Internal APIs, Partner APIs, and Composite APIs. Also, the Web service APIs like REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON-based APIs.

Customized User Panels

We custom-designed each user panel to improve better accessibility and control. The panels include:

  • Admin Panel – The super admin has the privilege to manage all doctors, patients, passwords, subscriptions, appointments, and other data-driven reports.
  • Doctors – Doctors can register and subscribe to be listed and provide medical services.
  • Patients – Patients can log in to search and book appointments with registered doctors.
Filters Search for Doctors by their Speciality

The client required that the patient could search their regular doctors as per their requirements and be able to search with a keen quick speed search feature that helps patients find doctors by specialty and get the proper assistance when needed. We also embedded the solution with features like one-time login and history records and patient reports to provide proper assistance to the patient within a few minutes.

Some of the extra essential features we provided to land on a successful featureful web application for the client, are as follows:

  • Ease in Booking Appointment
  • Quality Virtual Consultation
  • Direct and Easy In-App and website Secure Payment Solutions
  • Embedded Chat And Suggestions for Patient and Doctor
  • Patient Dashboard for providing access to the patients
  • Doctors customizable dashboard
  • Easy File Sharing/Uploads
  • Digital Calendars for time-to-time appointments
  • Online Doctor Consultations Beyond Boundaries
  • Easy one-time Login of patient and doctor accounts
  • Voice Enabled Technology for voice searches and voice messages
  • Follow up of Hassle- Free Web App Development Cycle
Technology Stack

Technologies here we use are future-proof and eligible enough to get better results leading to the growth and success of your business. We provide mobile apps that can perform well on every framework so that you could achieve hybrid platform benefits. Our technologies are as follows-

  • MySQL usage for the open-source and well-managed database service offerings.
  • Laravel developers provide the client with the best website and application rendering similar services.
  • Flutter usage lent similar and higher experiences on both Android and IOS frameworks and is also capable of cost saving.
End Result

Our client has 100% customer satisfaction and plans to include more features ahead in their Healthcare Web Application Solutions by rendering our expertise in Doctor Consultancy Application services.Also, the use of distance consultancy is actually a thumbs up to virtual appointments system and also provides doctors reach even in times of pandemic as helpful in solving several problems like lack of good Doctor availability, Cost control over transport, unable for the patient to travel in weakness and disease, etc.

Client Feedback

The client added new gear to success with Doctor Consultancy Websites and mobile applications. Recently his online presence increases customer interaction and attraction. The client is so fascinated with Navtark’s easy handling services that he contracted us for his future service solutions.



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