Today this profile of case study covers ERP service solutions. Have a look at our task management application that we made for one of our clients.

Project Brief

The client wants to digitize his physical and paperwork for his restaurant business. In the procedure to develop the ERP system for the client, we needed to digitize all sorts of business procedures and integrate them into a single IT solution. The client required a platform independent platform application that would supervise, and be capable of dealing with restaurant general, and local managers to fill out various reports and checklists to monitor the workflow and maintain the in-house standards. The client wanted to improve checklist content: choosing checklists to introduce or eliminate, deciding what to add and how to change them. The next key task was to provide corporate staff with the possibility to efficiently operate outside of the office using a mobile app and monitor the performance of restaurants online.

Solutions Offered

We provided the client with the best and most logical solution that covers requirements along with some extra features to increase all possible usability and productivity like; capable analytical interface structure, quality designing application using Flutter, UI/UX, and many more.

Provide improved Interface designing for a task management app

Before jumping down to product designing, the Navtark team had done some research and development. We visited The Client’s restaurants, watched the management at work, and interviewed employees.

Shifting of work into categories for ease of usage
  1. Shift supervisors need a dashboard with parameters, and a list of daily checklists with personnel time schedules.
  2. Restaurant general managers need a dashboard with the performance parameters and a list generalized.
  3. Local managers work with several restaurants, carrying out comprehensive checks, filling out checklists, and preparing plans of action. So we develop a dashboard with the performance parameters for all restaurants, an activity calendar, and checklists for visits.
Usage of Flutter to make platform-independent solutions at a lesser cost

We adapted the interface leveraging the Flutter framework for a task management app for enhancing the user roles and experience making some screens have a similar design for all while the others are unique or have different content formats and information accessibility levels.

Backend-driven User Interface in the task area

Manufacturing the task management app, we put together all our efforts to formulate a system of components with every possible parameter and setting. Checklists consist of various UI components: input fields, drop-down lists with various content, YES/NO choice, date and time pickers, groups of checkboxes, radio buttons, and many more…

Provide an online tool for monitoring KPIs

We had a task to provide all level management irrespective of top and middle level embedded with graphics and best dashboards that they could use to monitor KPIs in real-time even when they were not in the office using the mobile app. Also dealing with automation of scheduling, taking into account every constraint, previous periods as well as the current position.

Digital Task Management

We build detailed process standardization for the Client for the generation of a successful franchise stand out. Compliance with standards requires routine including comprehensive checks. Checklists are available that cover even minute aspects of the business: from clean floors and disinfection to tap water temperature, frying oil temperature, recipes, budget, management, and fresh food.

One Dashboard Solution for all worries

One of the key modules in DSR is a system of dashboards and reports on restaurant performance. Based on the need to analyze the current situation and make on-the-spot decisions. This platform aggregates all receipts available in the client’s restaurants in real-time, it formulates chart modules, and generates reports regarding executive management.

Some of the extra essential features we provided to land on a successful featureful Task Management mobile app:

  • Hassle-free and commendable Integration solutions
  • Automation cuts down on the hour duration your staff spends on these processes
  • Data Analysis is a necessary process to reflect on task effectiveness and provide forecasts for future business decisions.
  • The software manages the Accounting
  • Moreover, the solution is liable for Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management provides to obtain data about raw materials and resources to bring finished goods/products to consumers.
  • Sales and Marketing Solutions will lead towards expanding your business
  • One of the most significant ERP capabilities is comprehensive Tracking and Visibility
  • In-build Customer Relationship Management System for providing customer preferences and market hold
  • Reporting will provide you with modular information about the business.

Technology Stack

Technologies here we use are future-proof and eligible enough to get better results leading to the growth and success of your business. We provide mobile apps that can perform well on every framework so that you could achieve hybrid platform benefits. Our technologies are as follows-


We’ve developed a cross-platform task management app for the Client that can be safely installed on personal smartphones of both Android and IOS frameworks. It is a part of a large-scale ERP system, that we developed for the client owing his restaurant business. We changed paperwork into a fully automated and digital platform. All checklists and reports are now digital. The platform saves huge time and effort along with liable for great efficiency in the workings as it covers all larger and minute procedures. The business rests extra assured that its business standards have complied with all their visions.

Client Feedback

The client loved the Task Management Application manufactured by Navtark’s technical brains. The client added a new wing towards the success of his restaurant business as the application is responsible for a variety of workings dealing with the day-to-day business environment. Recently his online presence increases massive customer interaction and attraction. Before his brand was known to a local region of his city, however, the client receives a great boom in his brand image and brand awareness. Now everyone residing in India is aware of the taste and quality of his food services.
The client is so fascinated with Navtark’s easy handling services that he contracted us for his future service solutions.



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