Food Delivery App

Here we come with another success story for our Food Delivery App!

Client Requirement

The client already had a website where users could order meal kits as per their requirements. The company was engaged with its normal workings. The results revealed that most of the customers prefer making orders on a mobile device. Moreover, their customers asked particularly the client for a mobile app as it was already there with their competitors.
With the data and business needs in hand, the company realized that a mobile app is essential for its operations. And to provide the futuristic app, they asked Navtark for so.

The client needs an app having the following features:

  • Create an easy-to-handle mobile app and ease in placing orders.
  • Should have predictive search to navigate customers for their orders.
  • Add a recipe section where users can access the recipes at any time, thus reducing paperwork and making a step toward the environment.
  • Implement the app in a cost-effective
  • Do not bother with time limitations.
  • Push notification for live updates and offers
  • Secured and easy payment solutions.

How we Built
Detailed analytics

At the start of this project, it handed us full information about their company, its values, mission, policies, and analytics covering pretty years since the project onset. However, during development, website logic turned out to be unsuitable for a mobile app. Therefore, we suggested our idea. The client admired us and asked us to move forward with our processes and change the mobile version of the website to the app after the project was finished.

Prototype and designing

The company came to us with its predesigned prototype. Unfortunately, the client is not aware of other missing and most necessary features suitable for developing mobile app prototypes. Therefore, initially, we audited the prototype and discussed all points with the Client. Based on user analytics suggested our solution for each crucial feature. The Client clicked our approaches and modification. Ahead they are much satisfied with the new prototype and asked to work as per our modules.

Home screen

As per the recommendation of analytical experts, the home screen is where the users spend most of their time. Due to that, we paid maximum attention to code and design. We keep all the crucial elements — the side menu for every meal, large pictures of meals at the top of the screen, and all significant modifications and we provide an add-to-cart option. Moreover, build sections for categories to serve on special occasions and festivals; the category also has discount and offer coupons. Such meal kits are marked with a respective icon and a tag.

Chargeable Recipes

This service provides customers with a chance to cook restaurant-quality meals at home. Recipes are their know-how. However, they weren’t available on the website. Customers make payments for recipe printouts with each receipt they want for their favorite meal. New recipes appear in the app as soon as customers get their orders. Each recipe states the deadlines based on the actual expiry dates. This way the service helps users understand which meals should be made first before the product goes off. And could make them aware if they are allergic to any food component if they have so.

Making an order

Making an order is the ultimate procedure in a food delivery app. When building a mobile app, we keep in mind all the possible use cases related to that. The service had its own ordering logic: users need to search for their favorite restaurants, customize their orders, select their choices, add up their location by simply on their GPS, and at last, directly jumped this payment section to make either online or through COD payments solutions. All discounts are applied to orders automatically(if it is there any). The app also provides OTPs on delivery time to avoid situations when orders are delivered to the wrong address.

History record push

The application recorded the ordered meal and favorite marked meal so that whenever a customer orders the second delivery, the app asks them if they want to order the previously ordered food for themselves. As this will saves time and make them order quickly the food they love. They are also awarded several discounts and offers on their favorite meal.

User account

We pared the user account details down compared to the ones on the website to make them easier and on time for first logins to fill out on a mobile device. We ask for lesser pieces of information and also cover all the important preferences of customers, the information breaks down into three sections: basics, extra information, and favorite meals. We also made it possible for users to add several addresses, thus making the process of ordering meals quicker: users can enter all possible delivery addresses only once and then simply pick the one they need. The main address is always suggested automatically.


Since customer data security is actually a matter of concern as this will boosts customer loyalty and hold their trust. This will motivate them to come back to you over and over again. We manufacture a platform that has a foundation made on advanced and robust security features that ensure customer personal details and login-time details safe and secure in the application.

Technology Stack

Technologies here we use are future-proof and eligible enough to get better results leading to the growth and success of your business. We provide mobile apps that can perform well on every framework so that you could achieve hybrid platform benefits. Our technologies are as follows-

Key Features
  • Best packaging and on-time delivery
  • Location Track GPS enabled to track the actual delivery place
  • Keeps the User interface and User-experience great and unique
  • Easy to operate admin portal
  • User-friendly operation for customers
  • Track delivery boy’s live location
  • Marketing prioritize as it pushes notification for offers and various other services related to food delivery
  • Reorder section for customer’s favorite meal
  • Fully Customizable facilities
  • Predictive searches to navigate customers to get their favorite and expected food
  • Cost-efficient and time-consuming application development
End Results

We provided the delivery service with a functional and very sophisticated mobile app. The client liked our functionalities and home screen layout so much that they also want to implement the same on the website.
In the app, customers can pick meals from several price ranges by their personal preferences. Meals can be delivered to several addresses. The new section that the website never had and that we added to the app was recipes. Once users receive the meal, in this section appear the recipes of the meals they need to cook for themselves at home.
The app was built using the Flutter cross-platform framework, which saved our client about 30% of the cost of native development.

Client Feedback

The client loved this idea and wanted to later on implement it on their website as well.
The client added new gear to success with our Food Delivering Mobile Application. Recently his online presence increases customer interaction and attraction. Before his brand was known to a local region of his city, however, the client receives a great boom in his brand image and brand awareness. Not only did the app attract a large number of mobile website users, but it also lured some regular new customers.
The client is so fascinated with Navtark’s easy handling services that he contracted us for his future service solutions.



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