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Navtark recently developed a job board website for a client based in the United States. The client wanted a website that would allow job seekers to find employment opportunities in their industry and help employers to find the best candidates for their job openings. The project involved developing a user-friendly website that would meet the client’s requirements and enhance their online presence.


Developing a job board website requires addressing multiple challenges. Some of the challenges that we faced during this project are:

  • Ensuring that the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Developing a scalable website that can handle a large number of users and job postings.
  • Ensuring that the website is secure and protects user data.
  • Integrating a resume builder that can provide job seekers with a professional resume template.
  • Integrating a job matching algorithm that can match job seekers with job openings.

To address the challenges, our team followed a systematic approach. We began by understanding the client’s requirements and conducting a thorough analysis of their business needs. We then developed a detailed project plan that outlined the timeline, scope, and budget of the project.

After finalizing the project plan, we began developing the website using Laravel as the backend technology and React.js as the frontend technology. We chose these technologies because they are reliable, flexible, and provide powerful tools for web development.

We also utilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure scalability, reliability, and security of the website. We deployed the website on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which is a fully managed service that makes it easy to deploy and run applications in several programming languages.

Tech Stack:

The job board website that we developed has several features that enhance the user experience. Some of the features are:

  • Job Listing: The website allows employers to list job openings with details such as job title, location, salary, and required qualifications.
  • Job Search: Job seekers can search for job openings based on different criteria such as location, job title, and salary.
  • Job Details: The website provides detailed information about each job opening, including job description, salary, and required qualifications.
  • Resume Builder: The website features a resume builder that allows job seekers to create a professional resume using customizable templates.
  • Job Matching: The website features a job matching algorithm that matches job seekers with job openings based on their skills, experience, and qualifications.
  • Contact Form: The website features a contact form that allows job seekers to send inquiries about job openings directly to employers.
  • User Account: The website has a user account feature that allows job seekers to save their job searches and receive notifications about new job openings that meet their criteria.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The website allows users to leave reviews and ratings for employers and job openings, which helps other users to make informed decisions.
  • Social Media Integration: The website allows users to share job openings on their social media accounts, which helps to increase the job openings’ exposure and drive more traffic to the website.
  • Job Management: The website has a job management feature that allows employers to manage their job openings, view analytics, and track job seeker applications.

The development of the job board website was a resounding success for both Navtark and our client. Our team’s expertise and dedication resulted in the creation of a website that was both user-friendly and efficient.

The website has made a significant impact on the client’s business, increasing their online visibility, attracting more job seekers and employers, and ultimately driving more job placements and revenue. The client expressed satisfaction with the initial design and gave approval to proceed with the development phase. The development team worked diligently to ensure that the website met all the requirements specified in the design phase. They used agile methodologies to manage the project and ensure that they delivered the website on time and within budget.

The job board website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The homepage provided users with quick access to job listings, job categories, and the option to search for jobs using keywords. Users could also create accounts, upload resumes, and apply for jobs directly from the website.

To ensure that the website could handle a large volume of traffic and job postings, the development team integrated the website with a powerful content management system (CMS) and a robust job board platform. This allowed job seekers to search for jobs easily, while employers could post job openings and manage applications effortlessly.

The website was also optimized for search engines, which meant that it would rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant search terms. The development team used on-page and off-page optimization techniques to improve the website’s visibility, including keyword research, meta tags optimization, link building, and content creation.

Once the website was ready, the development team conducted thorough testing to ensure that it was functional, bug-free, and user-friendly. They also conducted load testing to simulate high traffic volumes to ensure that the website could handle a large number of users simultaneously.

The job board website was launched successfully, and the client was pleased with the outcome. The website has been able to attract a large number of job seekers and employers, and it has become a valuable resource for job seekers and employers alike. The website has also been able to generate revenue for the client through paid job postings and advertising.


The job board website project was a significant undertaking that required a lot of hard work, dedication, and expertise from the development team. Throughout the project, the team made sure to communicate effectively with the client, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure that the website was meeting their needs.

The development team’s use of agile methodologies allowed for flexibility and quick adaptation to changing requirements. The team used a powerful CMS and job board platform that provided the website with a solid foundation to build upon. The platform offered a wide range of features and functionalities, including job posting and application management, resume building and management, candidate search and filtering, and more.

The optimization techniques employed by the development team ensured that the website was fast, efficient, and responsive, providing users with an enjoyable experience. The website was thoroughly tested, both during development and after launch, to ensure that all features and functionalities worked flawlessly, and that the website could handle a high volume of traffic.

The end result was a user-friendly, fully functional job board website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The website has been successful in attracting a large number of users and generating revenue, making it a valuable asset for the client.

If you’re interested in building a job board website for your business, contact us at Navtark today.



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