Learning Management System

Here we brought a success story and its initial development process and the workings that made our client the leading IT Institution with learning management adaptability.

Client Requirement

The client deals in the educational institution of technologies and so to provide distance learning wanted an educational platform that will not only be independent of time and space but also provide quick access to educational materials. The client desires there should be proper sections substituted into various categories guiding for different course materials and can be easily accessible in form of video recordings and live lectures through different subscriptions.
In addition, the Client also required a platform independent solutions running on web and mobile both. The client also has a keen interest in analytics resolutions and also wanted to award the students with certification.

Solution Offered

According to the client’s requirements, the features were introduced in the software leveraging the Learning Management System that includes: the interactive social media experience in the learning journey, learning analytics to track the student progress, monitoring student behavior, automated test evaluation, and many more…

Test, Results, and rewards

We devised the platform embedded with test and quiz-based sections to track students’ attention and performance to the topic by the teacher. The results are immediately available after the test so that both learner and teacher could evaluate the correct answers. The top performer would be rewarded with virtual medals and creative titles along with rankings.

Role & Subscription based access

The client needed a platform that deals with the role and subscription-based learning. So as for the client requirements, we customized the platform with charged subscription, and then the courses are available for the learner. There was the MY COURSES section that provides the learner with the subscribed courses. There was also specific timing for the availability of the courses to avoid duplicity of the courses.

Admin Portal & Content Management

The solutions offered fully fledged admin support and handling to trace the usability and application control. Moreover, the software we manufactured is fully under the control of the admin so the client could deal with the engagements and impressions of both learners and students.
Moreover, the solution has sections to share and read educative content in the form of pdf notes by educators and assignments to be done by students.

Zoom Integration

The client required a portal that is capable of not only launching recorded lectures but also teachers and students could interact with each other through live classes. Therefore, we made all customized amendments and extensions to manufacture the application that is suitable for all platforms.

Student Dashboard

The student dashboard is the most crucial place where they find their skills and educative stuff so that they could learn and develop themselves. Assuming this, we created software solutions that were easily handed by learners. The courses are available in particular learning sections and students could search for different course availability and could choose the tutor as per pre-demo classes. The availability of a chat box made students solve all possible doubts. Test, results, and score sections are available for them. Class Reminder, notification, offer on courses, and many more features according to the Client.

Teacher Dashboard

Navtark Experts designed and manufactured software technologies that were different according to the designation. The most crucial one is the teacher & student panel and dashboards. We separated both by simple steps of the first login and initial informational filling of details. Easy login to teacher panel leads to tutor dashboard where they could easily upload the recorded section, trace the student presence and interactions, provide assignments, provide tests, provide links for live classes, communicate directly to students, and many more engagements required by the client.

Analytics to track the student’s progress

We made a platform that detects the students’ performance on a periodic and daily basis schedule settings. So, tutors could keep track of the performance of every student, beyond this, the admin could also be able to get informational data as per requirements of the specific student as we use MySQL framework suited best for the database management system. Moreover, different tests and scores are capable to find out the engagements of various learners involved in the course.

Some of the extra essential features we provided to land on a successful featureful web application are as follows:

  • Provide Certification for completion to learners
  • Commendable Video and Class Recording Management System
  • Provide software that is best suitable for E-mail Marketing customized by the Client
  • Easy & direct Payment options for different forms of online transactions
  • Embedded with an efficient Chat box for communication between learner and tutor for doubt solving process
  • Provided with interactive and quality Video conferences for live classes and sessions
  • Group Conference for giving extra features to the app so that students could interact for group discussions and classes along with the tutors
  • Student Reporting Management established for their learning management
  • Usage of efficient technological packages and stacks to provide the Client with quality interactive web application
  • Student- Teacher direct interaction for doubt solving through video and audio conference and also with text.

Technology Stack
  • React.JS components ensured smooth data flow and accessibility with a quality-looking app that is easy to handle.
  • MySQL usage for the open-source and well-managed database service offerings.
  • Laravel developers provide the client with the best website and application rendering similar services.
  • Flutter usage lent similar and higher experiences on both Android and IOS frameworks and is also capable of cost saving.

With the help of clarity in thoughts of the client’s vision, we resolve the Client’s challenges by developing an effective Learning Management System that increased engagement, and collaboration. Moreover, centrally adaptable to the education system as being most useful even after new natural dynamism after the pandemic. We helped the Client in the right direction in their journey to eliminating the digital barrier through e-learning technology.
Our client has 100% customer satisfaction and plans to include more features ahead in their LMS by rendering our expertise in Learning Management System services.
Also, the use of distance learning is actually a thumbs up to educate and improve skills in the learner and helpful in solving several problems like lack of good teacher availability, Cost control over skills, Learning new skills from home premises, unemployment, etc.

Client Feedback

With an efficient LMS with a user-friendly interface, the client worked best as a vendor and institute available for their seeking learners and has seen a steady increase in their student count.
With the cost-effective LMS solution that we provided through our Learning Management System services and the LMS’s increased adaptability among students from different levels like colleges, schools, post-graduate, and individuals, the Client saw an overall improvement in their Return of Investment and profit margins.



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