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We wanted to showcase a handful of the WordPress projects that our team has worked on over the last couple of years. This is one such example, we also provide several other technological Stack.

Client Requirement

The Client needed a website and application development company that is apt for matching business standards and having features like; Locations, Contact us, Promotions and Coupons section, a Customer-friendly dashboard, a section designed for the Creation of Requests, and direct and easy Online Payment solutions.

Moreover, the client was required to Push notifications for updates and promotions and get the website running as they wanted in the first place. The project ranges from full designs and planning to sites where we’ve implemented more streamlined and lightweight processes for managing content and building great websites and application pages.

Solution Offer

For making plumbing software the Navtark team follows all successful steps of the production development cycle making sure the foundation of the cycle along with other features like a beautifully designed website, the app using the best technological frameworks along with fully customized admin panel, and many more…

Making the successful Website

The client required a website with necessary sections however the challenge for us was that the client was not aware of the features and elements to be put on the website. Hence, to make a perfect website we manage everything from designing to arranging a capable coding and each specification required for the development of the authentic website. We added sections like:

  1. Home
  2. About us
  3. Services
  4. Locations
  5. Contact us
  6. Promotions and Coupons
Best Mobile App Development

Navtark provided full support to the client even for the development from scratch. The client was actually not able to recognize what a successful application looks like. When the project depends on us; our experts never let down any of our clients. So for the client, we developed a mobile application that was platform-independent and had various features. Some of the arrangements are as follows:

  1. Customer dashboard
  2. Create Request
  3. Online Payment
  4. Chat
  5. History
  6. Push notifications for updates and promotions
Admin Panel and Content Management

Though admin panel is the place where the client wanted utter control and even also wanted to operate all the business critics and ethics. In accordance, with the client’s demand, we plan out a specific panel to deal with the case. We embedded the software solutions with features like:

  1. Create and manage customers
  2. Manage requests
  3. Generate invoices
  4. Manage website content and banners
  5. Manage promotions
  6. Manage notifications
  7. Manage inquiries etc.
Following the Standard Development Cycle

Based on the client’s expectations and our team experience, we manufactured commendable initials and add-ons for all sorts of features following all business standards. We start the project with the functional part and create all the features required. The third step is testing and QA and finally, we deliver that to the client.

Great User Experience

Facilitate the clients and end-users with a native app-like experience and great look and feel. With full customization and insights-driven home page with functionalities, buyers consider it vital when they visit a real estate company. We make all optimizable arrangements over the application and the website to increase leads.

Followed Risk-free Deployments

The client was tensed with all sorts of arrangements needed for running a fully furnished web application. We took care of all sorts of Risk-free Deployments that includes: Server management, Optimization, Automation, Chained deployments, Scalability, Staging server setup, and many more. Also, we provide the Client with ongoing monitoring and maintenance deployments.

Usage of best Front-end Development

Navtark delivers an exceptional website for the client that facilitates customer engagement. We built a dynamic website and integrated it with WordPress which lead to efficient usage of techniques to generate exponential customer experience through its commendable user interface and user experience.

Business-Quality APIs and Third-Party Integrations

The client asked for the quality and best integrated third-party effects and APIs. Team Navtark helped them in getting so by building and integrating all kinds of APIs like: Open APIs, Internal APIs, Partner APIs, and Composite APIs. Also, the Web service APIs like REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON-based APIs.

Business-Quality APIs and Third-Party Integrations

The client asked for the quality and best integrated third-party effects and APIs. Team Navtark helped them in getting so by building and integrating all kinds of APIs like: Open APIs, Internal APIs, Partner APIs, and Composite APIs. Also, the Web service APIs like REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON-based APIs.

Some of the extra essential features we provided to land on a successful featureful web application for the client, are as follows:

  • GPS location and live location tracking of customers so as to provide services for their destination
  • Assured Scale and Performance will lead to the best loading time and ability to handle customer experiences
  • Secure and safe environment with data protection in place
  • Custom API Integrations for the betterment of usability
  • Business quality Front-end Development
  • Customer-friendly dashboard
  • Well-established section designed for the Creation of Requests
  • Direct and easy Online Payment Solutions for negligible complications.
  • Increase customer loyalty by sending them frequent updates, offers, and push notifications.

Technology Stack

WordPress and PHP usage for the creation of a meaningful and futuristic Website for the client
Flutter usage so that the client would have to pay less for more features. Thus, we use the framework that supports the usability of the Mobile App
MySQL usage for developing databases, that is, well preferred by expertise for every Website database.


Our client observed 100% customer satisfaction and retention after the successful and meaningful software solutions manufactured by Navtark Expertise that include customized and better features for enhancing scalability and reliability along with a quality user interface and admin panel.
With the help of clarity in thoughts of the client’s vision, we resolve the Client’s challenges by developing an effective Plumbing Management System that increased engagement and collaboration. Moreover, we helped the Client in the right direction in their journey to eliminate the digital barrier through e-learning technology.

Client Feedback

The client loved the Website Application solutions manufactured by Navtark’s technical brains for their plumbing profession. The client told that they added a new gear towards the success of the business as the software we made is capable of dealing with and representing the whole business online. Also, responsible for the variety of workings dealing with the day-to-day business environment.
Recently his online presence increases massive customer interaction and attraction. The Client is so fascinated with Navtark’s easy handling services that he contracted us for his future service solutions.



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